About Splendidly Simple

We're Reid and Wendy Stains, Christian creatives living a middle-class suburban life, but every day working towards a more minimalist lifestyle on the road in our Shasta vintage camper
In 2015, we downsized and sold 70% of our belongings because we were sick and tired of being too busy, in debt, and enslaved to the "American Dream".  As each month passes, we continue to renovate (or I should say completely rebuild) our camper, dig out of debt, research our future, and work towards living a simpler life.


A Little About Us
We've been married for 9 years, have an awesome teenage son named Nathanael, and a sweet dog named Maggie.  Reid is an amazing photographer and a former professional drummer that's super creative, and Wendy has over 18 years of experience in administration and loves to learn, write, and find different outlets for all the ideas she and Reid come up with.  In the past, we've owned and operated 4 different businesses that fueled our creative passions, but didn't fulfill our spiritual passions and took every ounce of time and energy we had, leaving us feeling drained, burned out and unfulfilled.  At that point, we took an online downsizing course that changed our lives and started us on our minimalist journey.  

What is Minimalism?
Getting rid of unnecessary excess in our lives to make room for more time, relationships, God, money, and giving.  In everything we do, we try to ask ourselves "Does spending time on this align with our values and future goals?", "Do I really need this?", "Can I afford this?", and "Will it add value to my life?"

What will I find on Splendidly Simple?
RV or tiny home?  Full time job or Entrepreneurship?  Rent or Own?  These are the questions we are asking, researching, and working towards. The less things we have, the less expenses we have which means we can work less and experience and give more. The smaller and more mobile our living space, the more options we have to do anything and go anywhere.  We've already had an $1,800 garage sale and are finding more ways to minimize in our journey towards true freedom.  We know there is a growing number of people embracing this way of thinking and are tired of living the status quo just because society tells us that it's normal. Some people think we're strange or crazy, and we probably are, but we'll take that in exchange for the freedom we're already starting to experience because we know there's even more to come. 

Splendidly Simple is for those who want more, but don't mind having less or giving something up in order to achieve that goal. Those who want to spend more time with family and friends, to be more fulfilled in their work and hobbies, to have more experiences and less worry over finances, to give more/do more for others, and to find and live out their passions.  

It doesn't happen over night, but what an exciting and fulfilling life it will be.  One that we can say has been truly rewarding, and one that we have finished well (I Corinthians 9:24).  Are you ready?!  If so, enter your email address below and let's journey on together. 

Reid and Wendy