Most times blog posts contain a ton of thought, placement, editing, scrutinizing and planning. Sometimes (at least in our case) this means that a bit of truth gets lost somewhere.  Sometimes a bloggers true voice is a little too edited to fit the masses at times.  All bloggers struggle with it in an effort to put forth a polished, perfected blog that most people will enjoy and not be offended by.

This morning, between reading a chapter in this amazing book and by watching a video sent to me by a friend, I just had the urge to write and not edit.  I wrote whatever was in my mind and heart.  Totally transparent and about 95% unedited.  

I have a fire in my soul that won’t be quenched.  I have a dream that won’t die.  It’s not what you think, or even something you might want for your own life.  I want to die so that I can truly live.  Die to selfishness, pride, fear, stress, worry, extravagance, striving to keep up with what culture says I need but instead getting nowhere.  No destination.  No peace.  No fulfillment. Nothing that truly lasts.  Nothing that stands the test of time. 

I want fulfillment, but I look for it in the wrong places.  I want to give and serve, but only end up serving my needs and the needs of my family.  While this is not wrong in itself, it is not meant to be the entirety of my life and service.

I’m not here to gain as much success, money, possessions, friends, family, or even happiness as I can.  This life is not about me being happy and getting all I can because I deserve it.

Truth is, I don’t deserve it and neither do you.  I know that is a very unpopular belief in today’s culture, but unfortunately it’s the truth whether we care to admit it or not.  We are created by a loving God and Creator to be used for his good purpose.  We are his creation and his children, yet every day many of us choose to tell our Father, no thanks I'll live my own life, my own dream, get all I can.  Pile it up and take it - Where? Where will we take it?  Who will we leave it to?  What is the purpose of this?  Our life is a vapor.  A mist.  A cloud passing by that has soon vanished before our very eyes.

What am I going to do with this?  Am I going to continue day in and out: sleeping, working, eating, playing, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.  No! 

Something is stirring inside that won’t be quenched.  This life:  it’s precious, frail, short. Oh so short!  What are we doing with it?  Who are we really serving?

“I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are really dead”

- Revelation 3:1

Photo Credit: Death to the Stock Photo
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